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Welcome to Remembering JonBenét

This website was created as a memorial to preserve the memory and life of JonBenét Ramsey. JonBenét was found murdered in her parents upscale home in Boulder, Colorado (US) eight hours after being reported missing by her mother, Patsy Ramsey. JonBenet's murder sparked world-wide attention, placing JonBenet's family in the media spotlight. With no supects arrested outside of the family, the Ramseys remained under an "umbrella of suspicion" in the eyes of the general public and the police.

The accumulating evidence, theories and rumors inspired books, magazine articles, television shows and documentaries, which have all in a failed attempt to solve this baffling mystery.

On June 24th, 2006, tragedy struck the Ramsey family once again. Patsy Ramsey passed away after a long and brave battle with ovarian cancer. She was originally diagnosed in 1993 but beat the odds. In February 2003, however, her cancer returned and she was unable to beat it. Patsy is now buried in the St. James Episcopal cemetary in Atlanta, Georgia across from JonBenet's grave.

On August 16, 2006, ten days after JonBenét's would be 16th birthday, the case shoved back into the spotlight. A shocking arrest was made in Bangkok Thailand. Elementary school teacher John Mark Karr had confessed to killing JonBenét. After much anticipation and doubt, Karr was brought back to the United States to be questioned by Boulder authorities. Many hoped that this would be the final chapter in a 10 year old murder investigation. John Mark Karr's DNA, however, did not match the DNA recovered from the crime scene.

As of January 1, 2007, JonBenet's murder still remains unsolved....

This website is to remember JonBenet and keep her memory and case alive. We are not affiliated with the Ramsey family or any investigators on the case. No media or text may be taken from this website without permission from the webmistress. This website is NOT an official site and we are not aqainted with any member of JonBenet's family. IMPORTANT NOTE: This is NOT a profitable site and donations are only used to keep this site up and running and nothing more. Thank you!

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