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Here is a list of titles and awards won by JonBenet Ramsey:

Pageant titles won by JonBenet:

1. Colorado State All-Star kids pageant *April 1994. Age: 4.

2. America's Royale Tiny Miss *Won division title. July, 1996. Age: 5.

3. Tiny Miss Beauty *unknown year

4. Colorado's Little Miss Christmas *December 17, 1996. Age: 6.

5. Little Miss Charlevoix *Over the 4th of July weekend in 1994 at the East Jordan High School. Age: 4.

6. Miss Colorado Sunburst *October 1995. Age: 5.

7. All-stars Christmas pageant in Colorado *Won a metal for talent. December, 1996. Age: 6

8. America's Royale Miss Colorado Dream Queen *July, 1996. At a pageant in Denver, Colorado. Age: 5.

9. Sunburst National Pageant in Atlanta, Georgia. *Won 2nd place. August 13, 1996. Age: 6.

Other awards JonBenet won:

> She also won a ribbon for the best decorated bike in a bike decorating contest in Michigan in 1995. She had an "Olympics Theme" with five rings made out of colored foil. Circa. 1995.

> Also won an award for "Camper of the week" at Camp McSauba, in Charlevoix, Michigan in circa. 1995.